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Born in 1974 into a family of musicians. He began studyng music on the classical guitar.

In 1980 he partecipated in an international competition for classical guitarist in the town of Recanati. He won first prize.

In 1981 he left the guitar for the sound of violin. He first studied with M° Ciro Astarita, and than under the guidance of M° Arciprete who leads him to his diploma at “S. Pietro A Majella” Conservatore in Naples.

In 1986 he partecipated as a guest in the television programme “Domenica In” togheter with his two brothers Aniello and Gaetano as a Trio, where he gained both the audience and critics acclaim.

A versatile musician when he completed his studies he felt the urge to approach other musical styles and therefore he took up an intense concert activity which led him to confront both jazz and pop.

With Lina Sastri in 1997/98 he took parta s a solo violinist in the world tour of the show “Cuore Mio” (My Heart). In 1998 he was at “Biennale Dell’Arte” in Venice with Enzo Moscato.

In the same year, together with other neapolitan musicians he formed the “Maluki Jazz Quartet” with which he won first prize at “Foggia Jazz Festival”.

He has partecipated as a leading musician in many television shows with the “DIMI” orchestra, under the direction of M° Peppe Vessicchio.

He has chosen by M° Roberto De Simone to take part of some of his best known works such as “Gatta Cenerentola” and “ L’Opera Buffa del Giovedì Santo”.

In the year 2000 he formed a duo with Aniello, which performed both in Italy and abroad: Winthertur, Bonn, Musikfest di Bremen, Wesel, Colonia, Francoforte, Brucknerhaus di Linz, Waldkraiburg, Murnau, Rheingau Music Festival, Istanbul.

In 2002 he and his brother Gaetano performed as solo artist at “Todi Music Fest” under the direction of M° Walter Attanasi, the world premier of Astor Piazzolla’s “Histoire du Tango” for solo violin, piano obbligato and orchestra, arr. By Ciro Caravano (I Neri per Caso).

In 2003 for the Opera Ballet and concert season at the “ Teatro Dell’Opera” in Rome he played as a solo artist in the show “Girotondo Romano” by Beppe Mehegatti with Carla Fracci. In the same year he

became first violin in the permament orchestra at the “Trianon Theater” in Naples.

First violin and solo player in the “DIMI” orchestra, he collabprated wit international known artists among whom: Walter Attanasi, Ennio Morricone, Lionel Richi, t, Renato Zero, Gino Paoli,Ornella Vanoni, Lucio Dalla, Mario Biondi Riccardo Cocciante, Milva, Lina Sastri, Ron, Demo Morselli, Loredana Bertè, Albano, Fabio Concato, Spagna, Rossana Casale, Giovanotti, Dolce Nera, Francesco De Gregari, Lisa, Sergio Cammariere, Massimo Ranieri, Niccolò Fabi, Gigi D’alessio.

2004 saw him engaged in duo concerts with violinist Stefano Pagliani. Still in 2004 he was in New York playing duo with pianist Cristiana Pegoraro for the Italian Culture Month and The Italia America Chamber of Commerce al DiCapo Opera Theatre di NY in Music and Passion from Naples to Buenos Aires.

In 2005 and 2006 he was invited as solo artist to the USA for the opening concert of the Todi Musicfest for violin and orchestra.

In 2007 he toured Europe (Germany, Turkie, Holland) along with his brothers Gaetano and Aniello and the argentinian bandoneon player Romulo Larrea in quartet and orchestra concert within a Tanghero programme.

He has recorded several albums ranging from classcal to pop, jazz and folk music among which his brother Aniello “Tango y Danza” for “Universal” label.

He is currently engaged as first violin and solo player in the TV programme “Amici” hosted by Maria De Filippi. He i salso working on a concert and recording project “From Vivaldi to Piazzola” with Aniello Desiderio quartet.

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