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Pasquale Valerio is an internationally acclaimed Orchestral Conductor. In 2004 he founded The Villages Philharmonic Orchestra, became its musical director, and is still engaged in concerts and tours throughout Florida and worldwide. Maestro Valerio was also the founder of the Lake Sumter Chamber Orchestra as well as co-founder and conductor of the Florida Lakes Symphony from 2005 to 2006.

He collaborates with various European orchestras such as the Philharmonic Orchestra '900 of the Teatro Regio Opera in Turin, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague, the Virtuosi of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia, the Virtuosi of the Philharmonic of Bacau, the "A. Scarlatti" Symphony Orchestra of Naples, Orchestra Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

In 2006 had the opportunity to assist Sir Antonio Pappano, current Music Director of the Royal Opera House in London This collaboration represented a great point of reference for maestro Valerio and indelibly marked his experience of conducting growth. From 2007 to 2009 he collaborated with the internationally known Viotti music festival in Vercelli, Italy and in May 2018 he began an ongoing cooperation with the North California Music Festival as guest conductor.

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Pasquale Valerio was born in Naples to a family linked to cultural traditions and founding religious values. The great passion for music was evident from the first years of his life, but, only towards the tenth year of age did he begin his musical studies, first with the piano, and subsequently, at the age of thirteen years, when he began studying trumpet. It was in this period that Pasquale met Maestro Filippo Veniero, an important musical guide for subsequent studies. He studied trumpet at the school of Maestro Francesco Lentini, Bari Conservatory, with whom he obtained the middle completion and, subsequently under the guidance of Maestro Diego Benedusi, he obtained the superior completion of trumpet.

After completing his trumpet studies, he collaborated as an instrumentalist with orchestras of major opera and symphonic institutions, including the Opera House “Teatro di San Carlo in Naples" and with other major opera orchestras and symphonic institutions. Simultaneously, he studied Composition and Score Reading at the School of Maestro Filippo Veniero. The meeting with two conductors, J. Withney and Gunther Smidth (United States) conditioned the musical journey and made it possible that in 1998 Pasquale resumed his studies in Naples with F. Veniero. Also, important was the meeting with the famous conductor Anton Coppola in 1999, who became Pasquale’s mentor and guide. Pasquale is a guest collaborator at festivals and international competitions, including the International Piano Competition "F. Schubert" in San Cristoforo Virtuosi of the Bacau Philharmonic, Romania, Viotti Music Festival, Camerata Ducale, Italy, Piano Festival of Carrara/ArezzoOrchestra of the Teatro Regio of Turin, Oída Symphony Orchestra (Arezzo)Philharmonic Orchestra of Benevento, New Orchestra Scarlatti and Florida Philharmonia. In the academic year 2023, he was appointed Visiting Professor of Conducting Studies at the "London Performing Arts Academy".

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