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We would like to thank  Steinway Gallery Tampa for their generous sponsorship of our upcoming concert by providing a beautiful Steinway Grand Piano D model. We thank them for their support of the 88 Key Steinway Project fundraising campaign.

Classical Concert Series
TUESDAY, MARCH 21st, 2023 at 7:00pm


Dear friends and supporters of The Villages Philharmonic Orchestra. It is with great pleasure that I write these few lines to announce a special event that brings us in partnership with the Steinway brand, for a wonderful project that will benefit The Villages Philharmonic. The special event, live at Sharon Morse Performing Arts Center, will feature two world renowned Concert Pianists: “Steinway artists”, for an exclusive one night only performance. Steinway will introduce a new Grand Concert Piano specifically for this event. Founded in 1853, Steinway is an American company. It is a touchstone of classical musical culture throughout the world. History’s greatest pianists have always performed exclusively on Steinway pianos. Having such a piano in our community would be a tremendous privilege for all of us and all who would perform on a magnificent instrument of extraordinary quality. It will be an immense pleasure to see you all on this special day for this special event. Join us for an afternoon with two truly extraordinary Steinway artists who will perform for us on a splendid instrument.


Sincerely, Pasquale Valerio


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