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The musical career of Giovanni Mugnuolo stared from a very young age. He was originally taught by his father. From there, his talent was developed to enable him to study at the Academy of Music, Matera, under the tuition of Mario Giannotti. In a quest to perfect his musical talent, he studied under Jean-Claude MASI, Naples and also with the famous flautist Peter-Lukas GRAF at the International Academy of Music, Sion and Basilea (Switzerland). He has also studied chamber music with Bruno Canino at the Academia Chigiana, Siena ( Italy).

In 1976 he won an eminent competition at the la “ Fenice Theatre”Venice in which he played first flute.

He has also played first flute in the Syinphony Orchestra of Bari, in the regional Lucana Orchestra and in Chamber Orchestra of Frankfurt.

He has a wide repertoire, and plays from Baroque to modern music. He is able to exhibit as a soloist or as part of an orchestra.

He has played in orchestras like “ Antica e Nuova Musica” and “ I Soloisti Dauni” and “ Fiati di Parma” and Diapason Ensemble.

He has taken part in international festivals for “ Tibor Varga”in Sion (Switzerland) and the Festival Pontino and International Festival of Matera. He has secured recording sessions with RAI and Vaticano Radio and DDR. He has also performed in Europe, USA and Russia where he gained praise from both music critics and member of the public.

He wasdelighted to riceve honorary membership of the Museum Skryabin of Moscow. In 1981 he gained the certificate of Academic in the Royal Academy Philharmonic of Boulogne ( Italy)

He currently theaches students on courses in Ravello, Ischia, Paestum and the Academy of Music in Lausanne ( Switzerland).

Most recently, he is holder of the flute at the Academy of Music in Castelfranco Veneto – Venice ( Italy)

artistic director:International Competition” A tutti Flauto” in Venice and appointed ambassador of Saverio Mercadante’s music in the world and artistic director the “Festival Altamura Mercadante Fest” of 23 September 2021.

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